Tips for Choosing Fashion Accessories for a Killer Look

Accessories are important if you want to make an impression and this doesn’t mean that they have to be heavy and flashy. You can make a great statement with a good watch and simple bracelet which could be the only accessory you might be wearing. By using simple fashion sense and combining few colours you can get the killer look which is sure burn the town. Every occasion calls for different accessories and day adornments are different from the night hence it is essential to know which looks best at what time. However here are a few tips to help you get the killer look:

  1.  It is important to know where you are going and why such as if you want to accessorise for your work place, you can invest different studs and a thin chain which emphasise your slender neck. Watches are important, so select the one which represents your personality.
  2. Bags and purses add to your attire hence know which to carry and when. A glittering clutch is perfect for an evening party but is flashy for a morning lunch. So know to utilise the colours. Go for pastels and nudes for your work and for evenings and dinners make a statement in bold colours. This way you are sure to turn heads but ensure you do not overdo it.
  3. Hair accessories like hair bands, clips and more add fun. When you are going to beach wear a hair band or clip in cute bows or flowers which are fun. This way you can enjoy best of both worlds. Carry your totes and lets your bright flaps do the talking. It isn’t necessary that you have to wear a lot.
  4. If you have sight glasses then choose a frame which enhances your face and features acting as an accessory. There are several to choose from geek oversized frames to hipsters and cat frames and round. They come in different colours and patterns so sport one to be a trend setter.
  5. Ensure that your jewellery isn’t heavy but suits the time and occasion. You can invest in earrings, necklaces, bracelets, hand rings, brooches, hair clips and more. You wear them to add charm to you but not the other way hence ensure that your jewellery doesn’t dominate your attire.
  6. Scarf’s are a trendy way to enhance your looks. You get them in different colours and materials such as wool, linen, cotton and silk. When paired with the right attire you will make a hit. These are good for both men and women. This adds charm and gives you a sophisticated look. So done a good scarf and get that killer look.
  7. Take care of your makeup. Light fresh look is always appreciated but if you want to get killer look then highlight only one feature such as eyes, lips or cheekbones and so on. This gives you the desired effect. Try bold smoky eyes to add to the magical night.
  8.  Never forget your footwear. They complete the look so concentrate on what you are wearing on your feet. There are different varieties for different purpose and they come several hues and bold patterns. It isn’t difficult to select but smart choice is important.

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  1. Great fashion tips especially for this holiday season. You know i love wearing bracelet and other accessories when attending parties. thanks a lot!

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