Essential Fashion Tips for 2013

Navigating the world of fashion can be a difficult task, especially as the clothes and styles that are ‘in’ can change from one minute to the next.  Fashion can be one of the most fickle aspects of our lives, and it is important we are able to deal with everything that the industry throws at us, especially if we like to be seen in the most current and up to date trends at all times.

We put together this essential list of tips for 2013 to ensure that you are always on trend and feeling great over the coming months.

Don’t Go Mad at Summer

While you probably cannot wait to hit the shops and splurge your cash on the best looks for this summer, think about what you are doing.

Not because we have suddenly decided you shouldn’t spend what you need to in order to look great, but due to the stark differences between summer and winter fashion this year.

Summer will be dominated by check patterns and vertical stripes. One thing you wouldn’t wear with any of them is horizontal stripes. Said horizontals are going to be the big thing in fashion for winter this year. That means you cannot follow the tried and tested method of simply adding knitwear and coats to your summer wardrobe, you are going to have to buy a whole new set of clothes. Avoid maxing out your credit card in the summer, or else you could find yourself with a lot of clashing clothing come winter!

Accessorise Now

Although the pattern trends for the year could not be any more different across seasons, what they do mean is that block coloured accessories are always going to be the best thing to top of any look with.

Therefore, what you can do is spend extra on a stylish new handbag, for example, because you are unlikely to need a new one later in the year. Try to avoid black varieties and choose the secondary colour from your clothes when choosing a bag, and you will look amazing.

Review Your Hairstyle

Do you find yourself looking in the mirror thinking, “I need to refresh my hairstyle,” but when you get to the salon you ask for the same style?

Don’t worry if you do, you are not alone in that respect. This year, don’t pressure yourself into thinking you need a radical restyle, but instead aim for a subtle cut that will allow you to tailor your hair depending on the occasion and how much time you have. This will allow you to leave it down when in a hurry and still look great, or be more elaborate with your styling when you have given yourself plenty of time.

Remember that managing your hair is as much about the products you use as the style you sport, so ensure you have the best range to keep your head looking fresh throughout the year.

Take control of your look in 2013 to ensure you have an amazing 12 months of style, just make sure you aren’t wearing horizontals with verticals when winter moves in!

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