5 Beach Dress Tips and Ideas for Bridesmaids

Selecting a beach bridesmaid dress is a tricky chore because there are so many things to consider like the formality, weather and obviously the overall theme of the wedding that you are to attend. Here I am going to share a few tips and ideas to help you pick the perfect beach bridesmaid dress, which will help you remain cool in the heat, look shapely on the sand and waltz instyle.

Go For A Lightweight Fabric

Chiffon isa lightweightfabricand is thus sought after by bridesmaids and brides alike as the ideal  material for beach wedding dresses. Chiffon  is silky, soft, structured and it’s available in every color that you can think of!Sand can be brushed off the fabric easily and owing to its lightweighta chiffon dress is going to blow gently in the ocean breeze. Chiffon dresses doesn’t soak unsightly sweat like jersey cotton or silk. So, this material can keep the maid of honor cool, composed and classy.

Pick Up Short Dresses

Tea length or knee length dress is the perfect hemline for a beach bridesmaid’s dress. It will not make you feel over dressed, weighed down,  get wet in the surf or drag in the sand. Buying a dress, which comes up with a staggered, short hemline guarantees movement while an A-line silhouette or a short sheath is going to accentuate the figure.You can also shop for a short dress that has a lace, satin or beaded ribbon withoutbeing overly embellished to make yourself feel beach-friendly.

Select One Definite Embellishment

One of the biggest mistakes that some brides make when choosing their dresses for their bridesmaids  is that they buy dresses, which are too formal. Beach wedding gorgeous bridesmaid dresses that are overly elaborate look out of place. So, if you want to go for a stylish bridesmaid  dress, with embellishments like flowers, bows, rhinestone, feathers or pearls, make sure to stick to one enhancement and wear very simple jewelry with it.

Choose A Dress Silhouette That Fit Your Body Type

Bridesmaids should select dresses which compliment their body types. One style doesn’t fit all. If your friend is top- heavy, make sure she selects a dress that has straps. If she has a pear shape body type, a fit and flare silhouette is going to make her stand out. A bubble hemline or a ruffled top will suit the bridesmaids who are thin and tall. It’s always important to choose a style that will make your friend feel confident, comfortable and beautiful, after all she is going to walk down the sandy aisle along with you on your special day.

Mix And Match Prints And Colors

Each bridesmaid can wear different shades of the same color. If you are fond of blue, each of the bridesmaids can wear different hues of blue like pastel blue, midnight blue, navy blue or even periwinkle blue. You can even have them wear two toned matching colors like white and black, purple and pink or navy blue and pale yellow. Or how about a patterned or solid print in one definite color?You can always be creative with your fashion ideas.

These are the five beach bridesmaid dress tips and ideas, which I wanted to share with you. Was it helpful ?

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