Why Do You Need a Prada Bag?

May 13, 2016 by janssen


Prada is one of the most recognized names in the world of fashion. In fact, it has become synonymous with classy style now. It began as a small leather bag creation house, but today, it is one of the best international luxury designer brands.

It saw a humble beginning in 1913, as an authentic Italian leather manufacturing house that was created by Mario Prada. Today, the brand has been expanded and diversified into a successful fashion clothing and accessories brand by Marios grand-daughter Miuccia Prada.

At present, there may be many other brands that have flooded the international market with designer bags. But with high demand scammers make their way into the game so you need to be sure you are getting the real deal and not a very good replica. If you are in doubt, there are a lot of websites out there, like Spotbags, that have a lot of insight on authenticity signs for any designer item so be sure to do your research before buying.

Here are 5 sweets reasons why you definitely need a Prada bag.


  1. They Have the Advantage of Rarity


Did you know that this Italian brand has just 250 Prada-owned shops across the globe? Don’t think it is a bad thing because it offers the advantage of rarity. The Prada bag that you buy, not too many people are likely to own the same.

  1. It Can Add that Class to Your Outfit


Carry that bag along and even a mundane dress is bound to make you look like a million dollars. That is what it does. See it like this – spend on a Prada bag and wear just about anything with it; the outfit will still look expensive.

  1. For the Minimalistic Logo Show Types


Prada does not believe in flaunting. This is what it calls its “inward luxury”. It means that you are not going to find any flashy logos on any Prada bag. The clothing is not an exception either. It famous subtle upside down triangular logo is recognized instantly only by the connoisseurs.

  1. It Shall be Inherited by the Progeny


The authenticity and the durability of the bag from this make is sure to last; not only are we talking about the leather but the style as well. They are timeless pieces that even your daughters would like to inherit.

  1. Really! It is an Investment


Believe this, the money you spend on Prada will be much less than what many other brands like Louis Vuitton cost. Nevertheless, it will still be an investment. The designs form this brand, have been around for years and are here to stay more. So, by taking home one of these authentic Italian leather bags, you are only making sound investment.

Apart from these 5 major reasons there are some others too. They offer a variety of materials, colors and styles. Also, this is one fashion brand that transcends the boundaries of time. Most pieces are pretty timeless. However, for those who wish for the latest edge in bags, this fashion house doesn’t disappoint them either.

Now you know why you do need a Prada bag more than any other bag under the sun. So, browse through some and see which the best one for you is.

My names is Patriciah Collen I am working as a copywriter for www.spotbags.cr


A girls best friend

December 5, 2014 by janssen

Handbags – The symbol to women’s taste

A woman without a handbag is very rare. It is something every woman carries with her wherever she is going, whether it’s a casual gathering or to a formal gathering.  Women carry a sentimental feeling for her handbags and she may spend fortune for the bag. But men on the other side may never understand why. You can in fact tell the personality of a woman by the size and the style of the handbag she is carrying.


Choose what suits you the best.

The basic and the easiest rule you need to remember is to know your body and your personality well. You don’t want to end up looking like a swagger if you are going for a formal gathering and you obviously don’t want to look like a working woman if it’s a party you’re going at. Keep on changing your taste for your handbags according to the occasion. Don’t fill your wardrobe with the same kind of styles. Be daring and try something new. If you have been carrying floral handbags because you think it suits you the best, try something loud and ravishing for a change. Change is good and people notice you when you have something new. Research demonstrates the kind of bag you carry reflects your personality. So, why not be spontaneous and let people wonder about you.

Balancing with accessories

It is very important to have the right balance with whatever you’re wearing. If it’s a party you are going at, wear something that will make you ravishing, like a mint mini dress and a small shoulder bag with a long strap to compliment your look. Likewise, just keep in mind to carry bags that will at the most flatter your body by balancing it with the right amount of accessories. Don’t overdo it, if it’s a simple tea party you’re going at, wear a classic floral dress with a simple handbag to show the curves of your body.

Be outrages.

Be fashionable and pamper yourself with handbags. Fashion is not a crime. Blend in with it. If you are the kind of person that is not into fashion and carefree about whatever handbags you’re carrying, then let us help you out with your fashion statement.  Everyone loves to stand out in a big crowd.  Now is the time to stand up, put on some good cloths and of course a fancy handbag to go with it and start shopping handbags. Handbags are now fashion statements that are available in range of colors, styles and shapes. They come with amazing functions and compartments.  The fact that handbags are needed by every woman makes it a good gift idea too.


If you are insecure with your fashion sense with bags, look into fashion magazines for models wearing similar cloth styles to you. Make a note of the different styles of handbags they have been dressed with. If you don’t like a particular one, note the style, size, color and the shape. You might like it in a different color and size. Keep in touch with the trend that’s taking over at the time. Be tricky and flourish yourself with different styles of handbag. Keep yourself updated. If your budget is limited, don’t worry, there are plenty of affordable fancy bags that will suit your style and taste.  Just make sure you have enough knowledge and idea about your style.

We hope this article makes you confident the next time you go for a handbag shopping with your friends. But honestly no one knows you better than you do, so trust your choice, know you body and your personality well and you will look stunning.

Buying Silver Jewelry that is Made up of High Quality

September 3, 2014 by janssen

silver jewelryIf you’re buying jewelry based on your fair skin tone, you might prefer silver jewelry because it looks better on you than gold pieces would. But how do you go about buying silver jewelries? Here are some tips when buying silver jewelry yourself.




What You Need to Know When Buying Silver

Silver virtually comes in any design or style that you want. With that fact, you have to pick stores as well as pieces that offer quality silver. A good kind of silver to get is sterling silver. Depending on where you buy it, you can get it as pure as 92%. The other metals mixed in silver are just so you’ll have jewelry that’s durable and sturdy. Opt for sterling silver with every purchase. It’s surely better than silver plated jewelry. It’s true that silver has a way of tarnishing but silver plated jewelry can’t easily be salvaged through washing and care.

5 Beach Dress Tips and Ideas for Bridesmaids

September 9, 2013 by janssen

Selecting a beach bridesmaid dress is a tricky chore because there are so many things to consider like the formality, weather and obviously the overall theme of the wedding that you are to attend. Here I am going to share a few tips and ideas to help you pick the perfect beach bridesmaid dress, which will help you remain cool in the heat, look shapely on the sand and waltz instyle.

Go For A Lightweight Fabric

Chiffon isa lightweightfabricand is thus sought after by bridesmaids and brides alike as the ideal  material for beach wedding dresses. Chiffon  is silky, soft, structured and it’s available in every color that you can think of!Sand can be brushed off the fabric easily and owing to its lightweighta chiffon dress is going to blow gently in the ocean breeze. Chiffon dresses doesn’t soak unsightly sweat like jersey cotton or silk. So, this material can keep the maid of honor cool, composed and classy.

Pick Up Short Dresses

Tea length or knee length dress is the perfect hemline for a beach bridesmaid’s dress. It will not make you feel over dressed, weighed down,  get wet in the surf or drag in the sand. Buying a dress, which comes up with a staggered, short hemline guarantees movement while an A-line silhouette or a short sheath is going to accentuate the figure.You can also shop for a short dress that has a lace, satin or beaded ribbon withoutbeing overly embellished to make yourself feel beach-friendly.

Select One Definite Embellishment

One of the biggest mistakes that some brides make when choosing their dresses for their bridesmaids  is that they buy dresses, which are too formal. Beach wedding gorgeous bridesmaid dresses that are overly elaborate look out of place. So, if you want to go for a stylish bridesmaid  dress, with embellishments like flowers, bows, rhinestone, feathers or pearls, make sure to stick to one enhancement and wear very simple jewelry with it.

Choose A Dress Silhouette That Fit Your Body Type

Bridesmaids should select dresses which compliment their body types. One style doesn’t fit all. If your friend is top- heavy, make sure she selects a dress that has straps. If she has a pear shape body type, a fit and flare silhouette is going to make her stand out. A bubble hemline or a ruffled top will suit the bridesmaids who are thin and tall. It’s always important to choose a style that will make your friend feel confident, comfortable and beautiful, after all she is going to walk down the sandy aisle along with you on your special day.

Mix And Match Prints And Colors

Each bridesmaid can wear different shades of the same color. If you are fond of blue, each of the bridesmaids can wear different hues of blue like pastel blue, midnight blue, navy blue or even periwinkle blue. You can even have them wear two toned matching colors like white and black, purple and pink or navy blue and pale yellow. Or how about a patterned or solid print in one definite color?You can always be creative with your fashion ideas.

These are the five beach bridesmaid dress tips and ideas, which I wanted to share with you. Was it helpful ?

Author bio: Koustuv Roy has an expertise in writing articles related to fashion and lifestyle. He has written articles on various topics related to fashion trends, jewelry, clothing, bridesmaid dresses and unique prom dresses.

The Return of Personal Cards

September 5, 2013 by janssen

Personal Cards

Retro.  Revival.  Vintage.  What’s old is new again and we see this in fashion, films and interior décor.  It’s not unusual to have a friend who has a 1920s bob hair style, wears 1970s caftan dresses and serves tea from her Danish modern ceramic tea pot.  Platform shoes and fishnet stockings are sold next to tailored pencil skirts and cardigan sweater sets.  The interesting aspect of this return to the good old days is of course that the nostalgia is compartmentalized.  I might love the fashion of the 1950s but I don’t long for the Cold War politics.  I like furniture from the 1910s but I appreciate having the right to vote more.  In addition, antique stores sell a brisk trade in old glass ware but nobody is getting rid of their satellite television or cell phones.

Of all of this retro fascination, my favorite is the return of manners.  Saying “please” and “thank you” go along way in making an ordinary day pleasant as well as holding the door open for somebody, wiping or removing your shoes before entering a house and actually adhering to the RSVP of an invitation.  Recently I have noticed another trend in rediscovering jewels of the past and that’s the return of personal cards.  During the 19th century it was customary for people to carry a set of small cards printed with their name and artwork that would be left as a reminder of their visit.  Eventually these cards became less personal and more professional and evolved into the business card.

Business cards still exist of course but more and more people are finding themselves employed in non-traditional or freelance work.  Professional information and contact cards are adapting to include more creative artwork and personal information in order to meet these needs.  Moreover, many women are finding it useful to be able to offer a card noting their contact information as a way to help friends keep track of the different social media applications.

Mommy cards are offered by several card printers to allow parents to exchange information at schools, playgroups and other child-centered social events.  Some of these cards include the names of the children.  I think this is great because there are times when I am actually greeted as “Larkin’s mom” and there are parents I only know as “Genevieve’s.”

Personal cards can be more dynamic than business cards and allow for more design choices and embellishments.  Rather than see these as reckless self-promotion, I think that they are the perfect accessory for the modern person who wants to be known for their ideas or abilities beyond their employment status.  My cards announce that I am a freelance writer while a friend of mine created hers to advertise both her day job and her amazing knitting talents.  My father is retired but still has a great deal of experience to offer and let’s people know about his knowledge and expertise through his personal cards.

I keep personal cards given to me in my day planner.  I tape them to the Contacts page.  Some people use business card booklets purchased at office supply stores instead.  The cards help me remember something unique about each person as well as the many ways I can communicate with them, i.e. phone, Facebook, Pinterest and email.  In return, I give my personal cards to friends and to people I meet that I think will be a good network contact in the future.  The cards are easy to design, affordable and creative.

The best part about personal cards is the fun had in designing them.  Instead of expressing myself through expensive clothing or jewelry, I can choose retro and vintage designs, photos and fonts for my cards.  It’s true that what’s old will be new again sooner or later, but having a personal style and staying in touch with friends never goes out of season.


Bonnie is a writer and contributor at Mango Salute which is a small boutique greeting card company that specializes in custom cards. They produce cards from 21st birthday cards, random cards to say hi, every religious holiday you can think of, and everything in-between. In her spare time Bonnie loves to try interesting restaurants and one day hopes to travel to France for the best culinary experience in the world.

Essential Fashion Tips for 2013

February 12, 2013 by janssen

Navigating the world of fashion can be a difficult task, especially as the clothes and styles that are ‘in’ can change from one minute to the next.  Fashion can be one of the most fickle aspects of our lives, and it is important we are able to deal with everything that the industry throws at us, especially if we like to be seen in the most current and up to date trends at all times.

We put together this essential list of tips for 2013 to ensure that you are always on trend and feeling great over the coming months.

Don’t Go Mad at Summer

While you probably cannot wait to hit the shops and splurge your cash on the best looks for this summer, think about what you are doing.

Not because we have suddenly decided you shouldn’t spend what you need to in order to look great, but due to the stark differences between summer and winter fashion this year.

Summer will be dominated by check patterns and vertical stripes. One thing you wouldn’t wear with any of them is horizontal stripes. Said horizontals are going to be the big thing in fashion for winter this year. That means you cannot follow the tried and tested method of simply adding knitwear and coats to your summer wardrobe, you are going to have to buy a whole new set of clothes. Avoid maxing out your credit card in the summer, or else you could find yourself with a lot of clashing clothing come winter!

Accessorise Now

Although the pattern trends for the year could not be any more different across seasons, what they do mean is that block coloured accessories are always going to be the best thing to top of any look with.

Therefore, what you can do is spend extra on a stylish new handbag, for example, because you are unlikely to need a new one later in the year. Try to avoid black varieties and choose the secondary colour from your clothes when choosing a bag, and you will look amazing.

Review Your Hairstyle

Do you find yourself looking in the mirror thinking, “I need to refresh my hairstyle,” but when you get to the salon you ask for the same style?

Don’t worry if you do, you are not alone in that respect. This year, don’t pressure yourself into thinking you need a radical restyle, but instead aim for a subtle cut that will allow you to tailor your hair depending on the occasion and how much time you have. This will allow you to leave it down when in a hurry and still look great, or be more elaborate with your styling when you have given yourself plenty of time.

Remember that managing your hair is as much about the products you use as the style you sport, so ensure you have the best range to keep your head looking fresh throughout the year.

Take control of your look in 2013 to ensure you have an amazing 12 months of style, just make sure you aren’t wearing horizontals with verticals when winter moves in!

About the Author: Aab Collection is an e-commerce retailer selling Islamic clothing, such as hijab, kaftan dresses, predominantly aimed at Muslim women with multiple roles to play in today’s society. A kaftan dress is a tasteful and elegant option for a woman to wear to a job interview.

4 Must-Have Summer Outfits

January 10, 2013 by janssen

I know we are in the heart of winter, but now is the perfect time to start planning your summer wardrobe. This summer, the fashion trends are all about slouchy, comfortable, flowing colors.  Embellished tanks are extremely hot and one of the most sought-after accessories is without a doubt the summer infinity scarf.  In addition, dresses as well as skirts are extremely popular and easy for anyone to wear.  As far as hair and makeup, look for less is more, but not when it comes to the lips.  Bright colors are the hottest trend this season so look for muted looks everywhere except for red lips. As far as clothes are concerned, less is also more.  Finding switchable separates that have the option of being put together in a combination of ways is what you should be looking for this season.  You don’t have to spend a ton of money pairing your wardrobe with the trends this year.

Summer is in full swing and most likely you’ve been making the most of it.  Summer is one of people’s most favorite seasons, but at the same time, it can be a tad difficult to find cute, trendy, and affordable summer outfits.  It’s hot so that fabrics and styles have to work with the weather and allow you to be cool while staying on point as far as the trends are concerned.  Some women feel like they have to be locked into the tank top and short look but the reality of the season couldn’t be further from that particular comfort outfit.  Here are four summer outfits that are affordable, cute, and versatile.

Chic and Styled:  The first idea for a summer outfit starts with colored cropped khakis.  Choose a bright color like neon pink or neon yellow.  Make sure to buy a size that is slightly too large so that you can achieve the slouchy look more easily.  Pair it with a cowl neck sleeveless tunic.  Put the cherry on top with oversized studded earrings, black flats, and a long necklace.

Going Out Right:  The next outfit is a great outfit for hitting the town, but it can also be something that you will be able to wear to the office as well. Find a lose fitting, printed summer dress either with or without sleeves.  Top it off with a cardigan of an opposing color and end with a skinny belt to cinch your natural waistline.  End the look with a variety of necklaces and bracelets as well as wedges that are the same color as your belt or cardigan.  You will look great for work, but also be ready for happy hour at the end of the day.

Ready to Hit the Street Capris:  Find a nice, lose fitting pair of jean capris.  If possible, find a more worn or distressed pair.  On top, consider a lose flowing tank with an embellished neckline.  Because of the embellishments, you won’t need a necklace, but end the look with a pair of flowery flats and some chandelier earrings.

Casual Jane:  One must have for all wardrobes this summer is the casual, ready for anything look.  Simply take a tight fitting tee shirt with a print and top it off with a jean wrap skirt.  End the look with a pair of moccasins and a light infinity scarf.  Top the look off with a pair of chandelier earrings so that you will look casual but still put together.

About the Author: Jessica Hamilton, with Cariloha, enjoys to blog and loves shopping and travelling. She enjoys reading, writing, and camping.

London Fashion Week: Spring 2013 Trends

December 27, 2012 by janssen

Featured designs:

Retro Americana
See Through
Giant Stripes
Bright Metallics
Future Prints
Mad Hatters

Tips for Choosing Fashion Accessories for a Killer Look

December 17, 2012 by janssen

Accessories are important if you want to make an impression and this doesn’t mean that they have to be heavy and flashy. You can make a great statement with a good watch and simple bracelet which could be the only accessory you might be wearing. By using simple fashion sense and combining few colours you can get the killer look which is sure burn the town. Every occasion calls for different accessories and day adornments are different from the night hence it is essential to know which looks best at what time. However here are a few tips to help you get the killer look:

  1.  It is important to know where you are going and why such as if you want to accessorise for your work place, you can invest different studs and a thin chain which emphasise your slender neck. Watches are important, so select the one which represents your personality.
  2. Bags and purses add to your attire hence know which to carry and when. A glittering clutch is perfect for an evening party but is flashy for a morning lunch. So know to utilise the colours. Go for pastels and nudes for your work and for evenings and dinners make a statement in bold colours. This way you are sure to turn heads but ensure you do not overdo it.
  3. Hair accessories like hair bands, clips and more add fun. When you are going to beach wear a hair band or clip in cute bows or flowers which are fun. This way you can enjoy best of both worlds. Carry your totes and lets your bright flaps do the talking. It isn’t necessary that you have to wear a lot.
  4. If you have sight glasses then choose a frame which enhances your face and features acting as an accessory. There are several to choose from geek oversized frames to hipsters and cat frames and round. They come in different colours and patterns so sport one to be a trend setter.
  5. Ensure that your jewellery isn’t heavy but suits the time and occasion. You can invest in earrings, necklaces, bracelets, hand rings, brooches, hair clips and more. You wear them to add charm to you but not the other way hence ensure that your jewellery doesn’t dominate your attire.
  6. Scarf’s are a trendy way to enhance your looks. You get them in different colours and materials such as wool, linen, cotton and silk. When paired with the right attire you will make a hit. These are good for both men and women. This adds charm and gives you a sophisticated look. So done a good scarf and get that killer look.
  7. Take care of your makeup. Light fresh look is always appreciated but if you want to get killer look then highlight only one feature such as eyes, lips or cheekbones and so on. This gives you the desired effect. Try bold smoky eyes to add to the magical night.
  8.  Never forget your footwear. They complete the look so concentrate on what you are wearing on your feet. There are different varieties for different purpose and they come several hues and bold patterns. It isn’t difficult to select but smart choice is important.

Author Biography : This article has been written by Maria Benson, a professional blogger. Maria Benson is interested in finance and politics and she has been writing articles on several such categories. Her hobbies include painting and reading, during free time. Her interests are researching on financial products and services and writing reviews on them. She is working on ppi claims and she is looking forward to posting a few articles on it.

Impressive Blouses: What to wear for work

November 20, 2012 by janssen

First impression last, right? Definitely. One is judged by how he or she wears. You may pass the final interview by simply wearing the best that you can. One may cheer the crowd well by impressive blouses. One may not feel awkward walking along with your friends in the park or in the mall because she knows she dressed fine. A businesswoman may close a business deal not only with impressive presentation but also with pleasing clothes. We may feel happier hanging out with friends when you’re in your best.


True, some of life’s critical moments need to have a good and lasting impression to anybody. We want to help you to cope up with those moments. We want you to feel happy and have that satisfaction during that spectacular event. Whenever it is, we’ll always be at your back.


Shop on us and we offer you excellent but affordable brands of blouses. Try to check these wide arrays of clothes that will fit your lifestyle and taste. We have it all. The best of all is, we’re just a click away.

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